web design of a website

of a corporate finance

consulting company





June 2022

Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator

UI design Figma file and Design System



Apicall is a financial consulting company that helps its clients build and plan a sustainable future through effective and careful financial operations. The communicative key that Apicall reflects from the beginning of the brand's naming is the concept of growth, of climbing and reaching higher and higher goals. A concept which, however, from the brief we made, was not meant to convey aggressiveness, careerism and commercial strength. Instead, the graphic tone had to convey elegance, confidence and seriousness. The brief therefore contains two souls that are not necessarily in conflict, and in terms of design they inspired me to create a product that wants to move away from the stronger, more disruptive tones of finance, to bring the visual climate back to a calmer, more balanced and thoughtful feel. The contents of the site are the classic ones of a showcase site, to which I have tried to add a more modern and visual approach, so as to have a site that can also entertain as well as inform.



The design choices I made were based on creating an elegant, clean, thoughtful and informative visual tone, yet containing the elements of growth and achievement that needed to be communicated. I therefore assigned the photographic elements the task of communicating the aspects of financial growth, with abstract architectural shapes containing angular and wedge-shaped aspects, set in contexts of aerial perspective or sky views, and a colour palette set on shades of grey and blue. The font, layout and graphic elements, on the other hand, were chosen to give readability and informativeness to the whole, drawing inspiration from the typographic and visual settings of finance magazines, Business Insider above all. The contents are developed on square and triangular geometric shapes, avoiding circular and soft forms as much as possible, but the angular visual tone is balanced by the choice of font, a serif that refers to a more classic and informative content.


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