ux-ui design for the new

ecomm of the national

museum of the automobile





June 2021

Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator

UI design Figma file and Design System




Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile is the main automotive museum institution in Italy, based in Turin, where FIAT is also located. MAUTO needed to create a new e-commerce to sell the exclusive prints in its catalogue online. The aim of the project was to create a site that was coordinated with the main website, www.museoauto.com, while bringing in some new graphic elements. Another primary objective was to give ample space to the images of the prints and offer an easy and intuitive experience for customising the print production. During the study and research phase of the project, I focused on taking up the primary graphic elements of the museum's visual identity, and compare them with more minimal and balanced visual references. It was also very useful to visit the museum's exhibition spaces and capture their style and tone of communication. The design of the home page expresses this.



The layout had to be clean, elegant and essential. The primary colours: white, red and black, had to be well balanced and softened compared to the institutional site, where red is perhaps used too heavily. I therefore decided to give ample space to black and white, using red only as an accent colour. In addition, I designed an asymmetrical layout to give dynamism to the navigation, but clean and orderly to show the images of the prints, avoiding to exceed too much in the creativity of the whole. The final design had to allow the customer to 'feel at home' in the new e-commerce, while still bringing new elements that could graphically direct a future redesign of the institutional site. Using the brand's institutional fonts and colours, the element I worked on most was the layout and the creation of a consistent and functional design system, capable of transmitting personality to the e-commerce.



The references and guidelines I followed allowed me to meet the museum's requirements, it was very important to understand what they expected visually and communicatively, not just technically. The main functionality of the new e-commerce is to allow customisation of your print by choosing materials, frame, finish and size, with the on-site possibility of seeing mockup applications of the print itself. The critical elements of the project, therefore, were not on the visual phase, but on the functionality of the user experience. The user must in fact be aware that he is in the Museo dell'Auto e-commerce and not on the institutional site, or on a separate site, and must easily be able to customise his print., in both desktop, tablet and mobile device navigation.


web design project for

an amazing digital agency

based in turin, italy