web design project for

an amazing digital agency

based in turin, italy





December 2021

Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator

UI design Figma file and Design System



Perabite is a digital agency that combines creativity, design and technical skills in web and mobile app development. As a collaborator of the agency, I was commissioned to redesign the agency's website, following a rebranding process. The agency's communication goal was to convey concepts related to creativity, while maintaining a certain focus on the value of design and the human relationship dimension. Creativity, design and human contact were therefore the keywords around which to focus the website design. A playful site with a fun tone and not too serious, but capable of conveying professionalism and method. I searched for useful trends and found references in a minimal but not impersonal design style. The aim was to combine essentiality, personality and professionalism in one design. Based on this research, I decided to direct the website design towards a typographic style, where textual elements could play a prominent role, but then developed on a clean layout. The colours of the brand are very identifying, so I had to avoid weakening them, their task had to be to give personality to the design.



When it came to design, I kept as my main visual reference a modern Swiss typographic style, where the essentiality and communicative cleanliness of the classic Swiss style remain, but combined with more creative and personal elements, so as to avoid an excessive rigidity and impersonality. The chosen font, for example, seemed to me to be excellent in combining legibility and dynamic movement, its rounded shapes also blending well with the agency's logo. I accompanied the font with illustrations on a geometric basis with the task of visually balancing the screens, and communicating creativity and playfulness but with a basis of method and precision, a precisely geometric basis. As primary colours, I tried to give balance in the use of green and white, reserving to orange the role of accent colour, reflected in the photographic choices, which contain orange accents that connect with the interactive elements of the design.



In this project I tried to combine two souls and two separate concepts, on the one hand creativity, colour and fun, and on the other hand rigour, method and professionalism. A kind of funny seriousness or a seriously fun: these were the two souls I read in the people and the brief I received from the agency. In this case I entrusted the layout and the grid with the task of giving the design a solid base, and the colours and the font with the task of entertaining and inject some life in the design. The design system of the website was later used as a guiding reference for the coordinated creation of other communication materials of the agency, such as presentations, letterheads, business cards and social media communication.


ui design project of web

app that makes invoicing

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